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well i have started my course at mstone now and its a great course and all just feel slightly conned out of a year as most of the kids in my class are straight from dippers and have just left college. and come straight into uni after i had to do a years foundation. i have to say it pisses me off.

posters for sale.

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these are my final project outcomes from last year, promoting a fictitious movie show in brighton, the posters include hand drawn type. Each poster was printed on high quality matte paper, each measuring 272cm x 48cm, not really sure what to do with them now so if anyone is interested in buying them i might be selling them? for the write price get in contact with me if your intereted.


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well here we go first post on my blog start with an image of my old workspace last year in halls.

Having great fun on my new course Graphic Media which is a great combination of graphic design, illustration and multimedia i am sort of keeping this blog as a continuous portfolio. So here we go.