my first agency experience


Throughout my two week internship here at We Love I have experienced both the highs and lows of agency life. I have felt greatly welcomed into the fold and have experienced live projects, the work required to meet various deadlines and the requirements of the clients. I also helped in the preparation and delivery of a live pitch which was very exciting and unexpected as I secretly thought I might of been shoved into the corner and expected to make tea and coffee. In fact I believe I was offered tea and coffee more than anywhere else I have worked.

I have learnt a great deal about how a successful agency works from my two weeks at We Love. I learnt how it runs both behind the scenes and how they present themselves in the professional industry. I have also learnt that great design comes not just from fulfilling the brief but from a passion that drives you to stay late and do extra Saturdays and weekends to get the work, not just to the clients requirements, but that little bit further. To have passion to make the work to the greatest standars whether it costs more or not, and that’s what We Love have in the buckets loads – that passion for design to be the best it can be, which is one of the main lessons I am going to take from this experience, and that the ‘chicken or the egg’ argument will always be a hot topic in any office environment.

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