the end is in sight

well only two days till this godforsaken film project is over and i will be glad to see the back of it, i have never done a film project before so this was all a new experience, before this i had never film anything apart from a few old skate videos when i was younger so this subject was alien to say the least and the fact it was a three month project didnt help. so we got our brief and it was to be based on murder an ever upbeat subject, initially i looked at shaun of the dead and there humorous take on the horror theme but soon realised it would be way to much work to produce the film i really wanted, so i 'settle' for a stop motion animation idea using one of my characters as the main character.

it was still a lot of work to do but with the pressures of filming and finding locations,actors and a decent story removed i could get to work drawing, which took less time than i had anticipated, so it came together really nicely just adding the sound tomorrow and i will be done.

here is an old experiment shot edited in photoshop to give the neon light effect to the text might try some new ones of these